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Dear Partner!
We are pleased to announce that we will be organizing the 1st Smart Home Conference and Expo, the largest smart home event in Hungary, between 18 and 20 February 2021. The event will focus on „Quality in the smart home”.
We would like to present the scope of the event as well as the opportunities  for our partners to be present at the event.

Purpose of the event

The market of smart homes is gaining ground in Hungary nowadays. The conference has two goals. We want to show the users what are the opportunities in smart homes and help them finding the suitable smart home systems and professionals they need.
To keep users happy, smart home installers need to preform quality work. In addition, it is important that the related fields (eg electricians, general contractors, interior designers) also have the right background: by complementing each other’s work, the buyer can take over the property he or she expected without compromise.

The other aim is for professionals. At the conference they can learn about users ’expectations regarding the quality of their smart home and receive guidance so they can also ensure this quality in their work.

What are the needs of the users? What makes a good smart home installer? How to ensure proper quality during smart home installation? When should an electrician and a smart home installer work together? How does the smart home fit into the design? And what is the responsibility of the general contractor? During the presentations, workshops, round tables and thematic discussions, we would like to provide answers to these questions, among others.

The event in numbers


participants on the expo


participants at the conference


exhibiting partner


hours presentations


online stage

Opportunities for partners

We can provide display opportunities for smart home installers, manufacturers and distributors alike. There are a number of display interfaces available to our sponsors in our sponsorship packages. Our sponsorship packages are made up of the following display options.

Virtual stage name

The event will be held in several sections. Each section is assigned a virtual stage, which is marked with the name of the company during the conference


Podcast conversation with our sponsor, which will appear on the conference website


A presentation takes approx. 25-30 minutes, which is already recorded before the conference. Presentations will be held in three categories according to the target audience (for users, installers and related disciplines)

Online booth

Online stands will be available continuously throughout the conference At the virtual stands, it is possible to have personal conversations with potential partners and customers

Adverting in the conference book

It is possible to display one-page advertisements in the conference publication

Display company logo

Displaying the logo of our sponsors on the conference website

Sweepstakes sponsorship

There will be several sweepstakes during the conference for item prizes offered by sponsors. Smaller prizes will be drawn per hour and larger prizes at the end of the conference as a grand prize.

Award sponsorship

We advertise a poster or project competition for students and hobbyists. The best works from the participants will be awarded

Coupon for participants

All registered attendees will receive gift vouchers when they visit an exhibitor’s virtual booth The coupon entitles the participant to a discount specified by the sponsor

Banner display

It is possible to rent banner space on the website of the online event

Sponsorship packages

Gold level sponsorship

Up to 3 partners can be gold grade sponsors. Contents of the Gold level package

  • parter mentioned as „main sponsor of the conference” in all communication materials
  • name a virtual stage about the sponsor
  • banner at the top of the conference page
  • displaying the company logo on the main page of the conference among our sponsors
  • sponsorship of grand prizes
  • podcast
  • large booth
  • using online networking and „private meeting”
  • coupon for participants
  • 1 VIP, 4 basic participation tickets
  • sponsorship of daily prizes

Silver level sponsorship

Up to 12 partners can be silver grade sponsors. Silver level package contants:

  • displaying the company logo on the main page of the conference among our sponsors
  • podcast
  • large booth
  • using online networking and „private meeting”
  • coupon for participants
  • 3 basic participant tickets
  • sponsorship of daily prizes

Bronze level sponsorship

The number of bronze grade partners is not limited. We recommend this package to installers who want to introduce themselves to their potential customers at the expo. Bronze level package includes:

  • small booth
  • using online networking and „private meeting”
  • coupon for participants
  • 1 basic participant ticket

Application form

If you are interested in our offer, please fill in the form below and send it fully signed to info@smartopert.com.
If you have any question, please contact us at info@smartopert.com or at +36307688270!
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