Everything that You want to know about smarthome! I. SmartHome Conference & Expo, Hungary

More than 50 online presentations, live roundtable discussions and expo!

Let’s learn everything you want to know about smart home. Enter the virtual conference rooms and listen to the greatest smart home experts in Hungary.

Who is the event for?


If you want to get to know the world of smart homes and meet reliable professionals

Interior designers

If you want to find out in which areas home furnishing and smart home installation are intertwined

Generál kivitelezők

If you want a complete view of your construction projects and work effectively with smart home subcontractors


If you want to know what will make your customers happy and reach your potential customers


If you want to introduce your products to both installers and users


If you want to work effectively with smart home installers or you want to be an installer yourself

What is the conference about?

The market for smart homes is gaining ground in Hungary nowadays. One of the conference goals is to introduce users to the opportunities offered by smart homes and help them move to the right smart home systems for them and find the professionals they need.

To keep users happy, smart home installers need to get quality work out of their hands. It is also essential that the related fields (eg. electricians, general contractors, interior designers) also have the right background. In addition to complementing each other’s work, the buyer can take over the property he expected without compromise.

Another goal of the conference is for professionals to learn about users’ expectations regarding the quality of their smart home and receive guidance to ensure this quality in their work.

What are the needs of the users? What makes a good smart home installer? How to ensure proper quality during smart home installation? When should an electrician and a smart home installer work together? How does the smart home fit into the design? And what is the responsibility of the general contractor?

During the presentations, workshops, round table, and thematic discussion, we would like to provide answers to these questions.

Which type of programs will be there?

  • Presentations and discussions

    There will be three sections, with a total of more than 50 presentations. Users, smart home installers, and construction professionals alike will find the topics relevant to them

  • Exhibition

    We are specifically targeting the exhibition for end-users. We want to make this part as spectacular as possible so that “visitors” get a “huh” feeling and learn about the possibilities of home automation and smart homes. We want to present short but interesting end-user videos and presentations to the audience, where the exhibitors can be found and accessible at their “booths”.

  • Roundtable discussion

    How to define quality in a smart home? This question will be answered by our invited experts during a roundtable discussion.

  • Poster & project competition

    At the event, we provide an opportunity for students and amateur homemakers to present their work, and the best can win valuable prizes.

  • Valuable prizes

    Participants can earn valuable prizes several times during the conference.

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